Creating a Setup Project for a Windows (WCF) Service with Visual Studio

This article describes a step-by-step process for putting together a ‘Setup Project’ for a Windows service in Visual Studio, and how the setup process can be customised. It also describes how to setup and run a basic WCF service and client. Continue reading

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Handling Multipart Uploads with MochiWeb

An explanation of how to handle file uploads with the MochiWeb Erlang library. The article includes a brief introduction to setting up MochiWeb and an explanation of how to handle file uploads and save them to the /tmp directory. I’ve also put together a very simple photo gallery system to show how to make use of this feature. Continue reading

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Book Review: Ext JS 3.0 Cookbook

Packt Publishing sent me a copy of one of their new books for review: Ext JS 3.0 Cookbook, by Jorge Ramon. I have a few criticisms, but am generally very impressed with the book considering it has to be compared with some excellent documentation from the Ext JS team. Continue reading

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A Java Swing Application for Testing PHP Snippets

I’ve put together an application that lets you test PHP snippets without having to save them to a file. This should be useful to testing out built-in functions and regular expressions amongst other things. There’s also a built-in web server so you can see the results in your browser. The article talks through how I’ve put it together. There are links to download the application and it’s source code. Continue reading

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FULLTEXT Search with MySQL and CodeIgniter

This article demonstrates how to use MySQL’s FULLTEXT search feature from within CodeIgniter with a sample search application. It highlights a few of CodeIgniter’s features such as the MVC pattern, pagination, custom configuration, custom helpers and profiling. Continue reading

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Lineographic Interpretations of Images, with an Etch-a-sketch

A very condensed summary of the final year project of my degree: interpreting images and drawing them onto an etch-a-sketch. The project focusses on extracting features from the input images, deciding on a path to represent them lineographically and then displaying the results on an etch-a-sketch simulator. The project also involves drawing the images onto a ‘real-life’ etch-a-sketch. Continue reading

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Deploying an Erlang Appliance with SUSE Studio

An introduction to the newly released SUSE Studio, and method for setting up an Erlang application to run on an appliance. The process involves using an Erlang script to automatically setup a release file and boot script with the appropriate application dependencies and version numbers. Continue reading

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PHP Script to Compare MySQL Database Schemas

A brief description of the process involved in determining the schema of a MySQL database, and an accompanying tool, which will compare schemas of databases. The tool is able to compare databases that reside on separate hosts. This may be a useful tool for checking that databases have the same schema when deploying an application to separate hosts. Continue reading

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Estimating Pi with Monte Carlo Methods

This article demonstrates how to use a Monte Carlo simulation to calculate a value for Pi. An example program is given, written in Erlang, which can be run in a parallel environment. As well as the theory behind the method, we will look at how random numbers can be generated in Erlang and how to time Erlang programs. We will also perform an informal analysis of the results. Continue reading

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Stock Quotes with Ext JS Charts

An example to display stock indexes in an Ext JS chart. Including an introduction to Ext JS, a simple introductory Ext JS example and an introduction to the new charts feature. Concludes with a more comprehensive demo, showing some more of Ext’s features. Continue reading

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